Kitchen Trends for 2018 and Beyond

The kitchen design outlook for 2018 has evolved from recent years in notable ways and offers a virtual basket of both mature and fresh design goodies for everyone. The vernacular of kitchen design in 2018 puts the spotlight on an elevated aesthetic, promotes well being, encourages food prep efficiencies and as a result, the kitchen becomes THE room in the home where all five senses reside. It’s a magnet for physical and emotional nourishment. Let’s look at what’s happening in the kitchen design-wise.

Neutral finishes (colors) for cabinetry historically reign supreme, but this year there’s a twist – actually more than one. The all-white kitchen in all its purity and impossible-to-keep-clean glory, is fading FAST. Taking center stage in 2018 are very light and soft grays, semi-opaque cream finishes on wood and a surprising micro emerging trend – light khaki tones. Grays and warm grays in the medium to dark shades are even more widely seen in stylish kitchens than in previous years, often mixed with a soft white, an update to classic black and white. A micro trend of gold finishes on cabinet doors is new for 2018.

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